Tunisia, 2007/2008, Exodus, ( Trip code TMU, Sahara Trek ).
18 Photographs, 1 Week Trip, ...Click an Image to Enlarge.
Photo 1 View from Ferry at Djerba
Photo 2 Group Trekking in Desert
Photo 3 Camel and Driver
Photo 4 Group Trekking in Desert
Photo 5 Setting up Camp
Photo 6 Barren Dunes
Photo 7 Group Trekking in Dunes
Photo 8 Stony Area of Desert
Photo 9 Old Well (Now Dry)
Photo 10 Group trekking in Desert
Photo 11 Camels and Brushwood
Photo 12 Meting a Nomad with Camels
Photo 13 Grassy desert Area
Photo 14 Ruins of Roman Fort
Photo 15 Camp in Desert
Photo 16 Hot Spring at Oasis
Photo 17 Troglodyte Buildings
Photo 18 Sahara Sunset