Photographs of some Electrical Horrors. Click an Image to Enlarge.
Photo 01 Outside Pump, Libya
Photo 02 Burma
Photo 03 Burma
Photo 04 In Street, Cameroon
Photo 05 At Roadside,Cairo, Egypt
Photo 06 Hotel Grounds, Ethiopia
Photo 07 Hotel Grounds, Ethiopia
Photo 08 Hotel Grounds, Turkey
Photo 09 Street, Brunei
Photo 10 Manila,Philippines
Photo 11 ( On Pavement ) Petra, Jordan
Photo 12 ( In Street ) Thessaloniki, Greece
Photo 13 Belarus, By Roadside
Photo 14 Mozambique (Camp Site)
Photo 15 Game Lodge, Zambia
Photo 16 Hotel Grounds, Burkina-Faso
Photo 17 Hotel, Burkina-Faso
Photo 18 Hotel, Burkina-Faso
Photo 19 In Street, Senegal
Photo 20 Mostar, Bosnia
Photo 21 Mostar, Bosnia
Photo 22 Street in Dushambe Tajikistan
Photo 23 Hotel Dushambe Tajikistan
Photo 24 Homestay Bathroom Tajikistan
Photo 25 Homestay Bathroom Tajikistan
Photo 26 Homestay Bathroom Tajikistan
Photo27 Hotel Tajikistan
Photo 28 Hotel in Kyrgyzstan
Photo 29 Hotel in Kyrgyzstan
Photo30 Hargeisa, Somaliland
Photo 31 Hotel, Ivory-Coast
Photo 32 Roadside, Ivory-Coast
Photo33 Hotel, Mauritania
Photo 34 Hotel, Mauritania
Photo 35 Chingiti, Mauritania
Photo36 Bujumbura, Burundi
Photo 37 Hotel, Gabon
Photo 38 Hotel, Gabon
Photo39 Hotel, Gabon
Photo 40 Hotel Brazza, R-Congo
Photo 41 Hotel Brazza, R-Congo
Photo42 Street in Brazzaville
Photo 43 Axum, Ethiopia
Photo 44 Hotel in the Comoros
Photo45 Hotel in the Comoros
Photo 46 Hotel in the Comoros
Photo 47 Dakhla, Western Sahara
Photo48 Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria
Photo 49 In a Street,Nigeria
Photo 50 Hotel,Nigeria
Photo51 Erbil, Iraq
Photo 52 Erbil, Iraq
Photo 53 Sulaymaniyah, Iraq