Equatorial Guinea 2016, Native eye Travel, ( Tour = Island Africa ).
24 Photographs, 9 Days Trip, ...Click an Image to Enlarge.
Photo 01 Small Island & Broadwalk
Photo 02 Face Statue on Island
Photo 03 Lake Biao, in Volcanic Crater
Photo 04 Natural Rock Salt Lick
Photo 05 Iladyi Waterfalls (from Rockface)
Photo 06 Side Road at Moka
Photo 07 Road to Moaba Beach
Photo 08 Waterfall at Moaba Beach
Photo 09 Waterfall at Moaba Beach
Photo 10 2nd Waterfall Moaba Beach
Photo 11 2nd Waterfall Moaba Beach
Photo 12 Volcanic Rock on Beach
Photo 13 Rock Outcrop on Beach
Photo 14 Research Camp by Beach
Photo 15 Waterfall/Pool at Research Camp
Photo 16 View Moaba Beach
Photo 17 View Small Town
Photo 18 View Rural Houses
Photo 19 Part of Malabo
Photo 20 Hillside Flowers
Photo 21 width= Hillside Flowers
Photo 22 Strange Lump on Tree
Photo 23 Park Fountain, Malabo
Photo 24 Park Seat, Malabo