Cape Verde ( Sal & Santiago ), Independant Holiday.
36 Photographs, 2 Week Trip, ...Click an Image to Enlarge.
Photo 1 Location of Cape Verde Islands
Photo 2 Map of Sal
Photo 3 Map of Santiago
Photo 4 Street in Santa Maria
Photo 5 Jetty at Santa Maria
Photo 6 Beach at Santa Maria
Photo 7 Beach near Santa Maria
Photo 8 Blue Eye, buracona
Photo 9 Blue Eye, Buracona
Photo 10 Pedra Luma
Photo 11 Salinas
Photo 12 Kite Beach
Photo 13 Inter Island Ferry
Photo 14 View of Praia
Photo 15 Fishing at Praia
Photo 16 Shells on Praia Beach
Photo 17 The Shells
Photo 18 Island off Santa Maria
Photo 19 Lighthouse Santa Maria
Photo 20 View Cidade Velha
Photo 21 Beach at Cidade Velha
Photo 22 Fishing Boats, Cidade Velha
Photo 23 Fort at Cidade Velha
Photo 24 Fort at Cidade Velha
Photo 25 Ribeira at Cidade Velha
Photo 26 Ribeira at Cidade Velha
Photo 27 Cathedral Ruins, Cidade Velha
Photo 28 Beach at Tarrafal
Photo 29 Fishing Boats, Tarrafal
Photo 30 Coast at Tarrafal
Photo 31 Inland View
Photo 32 Inland View
Photo 33 Near Praia