Sandstone Cottage is located in the Gordano Valley, the valley is in the north of Somerset, aproxamately 20 kilometres west of the city of Bristol, and forms an elongated triangle bounded by the towns of Clevedon, Portishead, and Easton in Gordano.

The cottage is on the main road, with an adjoining garden to one side, and farmland to the other side and rear. There is a variety of habitat nearby, in one direction there is mature woodland predomanately Oak, Ash, Beech, and some conifer, also an area of Calcarious grassland. The other direction has farmed low laying peat moor with with some woodland of Birch and Poplar. Common Reed ( Phragmites australis ) and Purple Moor Grass ( Molinia coerulea ) being common.

The property has a total area of 995 square metres, with a breakdown as follows :-
90 square metres Holly hedge around the farmland, length 60 metres.
66 square metres of Vegetable patch.
105 square metres of Borders, mixed shrubs and flowers.
305 square metres of Lawns, front and rear lawns.
67 square metres of Wild flower area.
The wild flower area was converted from lawn in 2006 and is being managed for a variety of native flowers. The Borders have a variety of Shrubs and mostly native flowers, and more native species are being introduced as an ongoing process.

Recording started in 1999 by running a moth trap, and so moths are the best recorded species, other species have been recorded when they were seen, but no serious attempt ( as of 2007 ) has been made to find out just what exists in the garden.

Rural gardens do have there problems of course, and mine is no exception, keeping rabbits off the vegetable patch is an ongoing problem, badgers have frequently dug up the lawn, moles with their associated feeding runs and molehills are a continuing threat, squrrels attack the bird feeders, deer have broken through the hedge, and the army of slugs cannot be defeated.

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